Some special occasions only happen once. You have just one chance to make memories at an engagement, a wedding, or a baptism—and you have once chance to capture these memories in gorgeous, high-quality professional photos and videos. As a result, you have to choose the right photographer for the occasion.


Yourik Studio is the right photographer. Yourik has the training and experience necessary to interpret the emotion and beauty in a scene and transform it into a work of art. He can work alongside you to capture a moment the way you’d want to remember it and preserve it for future generations. Choose him as your wedding photographer in Los Angeles today.


Browse the Portfolio Above to See His Artistry Firsthand

You don’t want to remember your special day with generic poses or traditional lighting. Nor do you want your photographs to look stiff or motionless. You need flair, style, and creativity, and you’ll receive precisely that when you choose Yourik Studio for wedding photography and videography in the Los Angeles area.


To learn more about the studio’s artistic abilities, look through the portfolio above. There, you will find portraits in various styles, as well as still life shots that convey an event’s stylistic and emotive qualities. Yourik can use his skill to create an old-fashioned atmosphere or to crafts a photo that looks modern and unique. Simply tell him what you want, and he’ll create photo package for you.


Yourik Studio’s photography packages come with affordable prices. You won’t have to pay a fortune to turn memories from your special occasion into professional artwork.


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With one phone call, you can memorialize your baptism, engagement, or other occasion in elegant and classic photographs. Call +1 818-556-5666 to schedule wedding photography and videography in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas. Or, if you have any general inquiries, fill out our online contact