Wedding Videographer Portfolio in Los Angeles, CA

Pictures can capture many of the moments that create your wedding experience, from smiles exchanged down the aisle to hands clasped during the first dance. But videos capture more than just moments—they allow you to document memories.


Never forget the smiles, tears, and love on your special day when you have it all recorded as part of a high-quality wedding video from Yourik Studio.


Preserve Your Love Story

While each video contains the elements that make you and your soon-to-be spouse unique, our wedding videographer works with common shots and themes to ensure nothing important is overlooked.


In addition to moments during the ceremony, your wedding video may include quiet moments with your future spouse, interactions with the wedding party, and unforgettable footage of the venue. Our videos often include the following elements:


  • Artful and classic cinematography
  • Footage of the bridal gown and flower arrangements
  • Romantic music
  • Settings that include your favorite places
  • Shots of intimate moments before, during, and after the ceremony


We can provide a wedding or love story video in addition to engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures. Whatever your vision for your special day, let our studio help you make it a reality.


Trust Our Expert Videographer

Since the 1980s, Yourik Mirzakhanian has been helping couples record the small details that truly matter. We capture the exact way the bride’s veil falls, the tears in her parents’ eyes, and the personally significant wording of toasts and congratulations. Trust his experience to provide you with your dream wedding video when you wed in or near Los Angeles, CA.


Watch a few of the videos to sample what our studio can do for you. Feel free to take notes of special shots, content, or moments you may want to capture.


After you have browsed the videos, contact us to begin preserving your special day. Call us at 818-556-5666, email us at, or fill out our online contact form today.